This is just how much of a TRUCK Broly is!!!!

Stats Base Max Level (No Potential Unleashed) Max Level (No Dupes) Max Level (Full Dupes)
HP 6087 20088 22088 24688
ATK 4680 15445 17445 20845
DEF 2507 8275 10275 13275

Broly was one of the main antagonists in a Dragon Ball Z movie series (3 of them). In these movies, he proved to be more than an even match for even Goku, which tells you just how strong he really is! In the anime and in the game, Broly is just an absolute MONSTER after he transforms! In the anime, he causes the whole fabric of space to be altered for just a second, and in the game especially, his damage numbers are just amazing!!! If you don't believe me, click here!